Our Products

Our Products

our core products

We aim to have impact and create value in all the nodes of the entire honey value chain hence we supply inputs through ought the production and process flow system.

Our overriding value proposition is to offer value for money without compromising on quality whilst extending the deepest and widest benefits to our entire ecosystem.

Natural Honey

Our natural honey is produced from the most natural conditions mostly from areas with the minimal interference from pesticides and processed in a very quality controlled environment.

Langstroth & Malawian Top Bar Beehives

We supply top quality Langstroth and Malawian top bar beehives at very competitive prices which is facilitated by our low cost production structure. We are always on the lookout for emerging innovations and improvements and ready to adopt them in the honey production equipment.

Bee Keeping Kits & Equipment

At African Honey & Food Products, we’ve adopted the supply of industry-leading beekeeping kits with our exclusive bee equipment and tools to ensure meaningful beekeeping for our clients. The product range caters for all income brackets as well as stage of learning curve in the honey production value chain.

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