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We have a wide range of amazing products and services under our roof. Choose us and you will never regret. We provide pollination services to commercial farming establishments starting with Macadamia which is a very high value crop in Malawi and globally. We expect to extend this service to other crops such as sunflower and other crops, orchards and   legumes.

Pollination Services

Worldwide survey and research have shown that bees are the most effective pollinators and are responsible for pollination in over 70% of the crops globally. The presence of bees for pollination has been indicated to increase yields in crops up to 30% to 40% apart from quality and enhanced fruit size. African has the capacity to provide colonized beehives to be set up at commercial farming sites specifically for pollination services during flowering season.

Bee Keeping Extension

African Honey Products Limited also provide bee-keeping extension and advisory services to farmers. Our bee-keeping extension services cover the following topics; site identification for bee farming, the biology and behavior of bees, beehive management, diseases and pests of bees, swarming behavior of bees, the equipment beekeepers use, bee products including honey, and much more. We believe that after our consultation, you’ll experience a significant improvement in your beekeeping activities.

Value Chain Concepts

An analysis of honey business model that describes the full range of activities needed to create a product or service. The purpose of a value-chain analysis is to increase production efficiency so that you can deliver maximum value for the least possible cost.

Modern Bee Keeping Training

All successful beekeepers have a keen awareness of the amazing honeybee! In our training, we drill deep into the incredible science and life of the bee. Afterwards, we look at how beekeeping relates to this wonderful creature.

Modern Bee Keeping Advisory

We introduce you to the types of beehives in common use today and how they might best suit your specific needs. We cover tools, accessories, clothing and much more. Then we discover that great moment when you obtain and install your first bees!

Transferring of Bees

Bees do a great job keeping a healthy colony. But it’s also important that the beekeeper has a good sense of when things might go bad! We teach new bee keepers how to successfully transfer their bees. We finish with a look at the rewards beekeeping offers!

Setting Apiaries

One of the most important factors regarding bee keeping is – where should you place your hives. There are a number of important issues to consider before going ahead and getting those bees. Beekeepers may want to keep bees in their own garden, on their farmland. Having a suitable place to site hives is essential. A well considered location is essential for the sake of the bees, people and farm animals.

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